* A strong industrial city with great world class copetence within bioeconomy, which has become a driver for the city.
* A city which exports 75% of all within the manufacturing industry.


More than 56,000 inhabitants live in Örnsköldsvik, which is part of the World Heritage Site of the High Coast, with its hilly landscape stunning archipelago. Here, people with dedication and action force look together that things happen in large and small. Building cranes spinning, starting businesses, building homes, driving associations, and combining the possibilities for a valuable work life through a fun and active leisure and entertainment life. It offers everything from plots with sea views to nice villas, apartments in the center of town and rural farms. The options are many. Wherever you choose to settle down, you can go to Örnsköldsvik city center without stuck in endless car queues.

Live in Örnsköldsvik

Business and Market

In Örnsköldsvik there are about 2,600 companies and for a long time there is an industry tradition and a major development focus. The service sector and the tourism industry are growing ever more and cooperation between the companies and the municipality has long been an important success factor. The municipality of Örnsköldsvik focuses on entrepreneurship, driving power and new challenges, as well as contributing to a business environment that makes it easy to run companies and which enables more companies to establish and develop here. The creativity and entrepreneurship of the inhabitants begin at school age, where companies work together with elementary school levels through Komtek and at university level together with the nearby universities. Together with Umeå, which is only 50 minutes away with the Botniabana, we form Norrland's largest labor market.

For further information on how to establish a company in Örnsköldsvik in English click here or in Swedish click here.

Strong industrial and export culture

With its long-standing industrial culture in the forest, cellulose and engineering industries, Örnsköldsvik is considered an engineer. In recent years, the world has invested in Örnsköldsvik and contributed to the business community's composition of large companies with international ownership and many small and medium-sized companies, which together account for almost five percent of the country's net exports. People are recruited from all over the world and the provision of skills is an extremely important success factor. Örnsköldsvik works for the future as a hub in the labor market region, for the development of knowledge and innovation environments.

Research leads the way

The research in Örnsköldsvik is strongly linked to our strengths and the nearest universities.

  • In forests, tourism and process industries, the connections are strongest towards Mid University.
  • In the field of chemistry, energy and social research, cooperation with Umeå University.
  • The varied engineering industry is primarily associated with Luleå University of Technology.

In central Örnsköldsvik there are local research environments linked to Umeå University and Mid University. The state's technical research institute SP operates the Processum Development Company at Domsjö Industrial Area, focusing on new sustainable products from forest raw materials. Centrally located there is also the Institute for Applied Hydraulics ITH and linked to individual companies, there is more research. In short, research is most present in Örnsköldsvik and many young people want to know more.





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