• A young city where the average age is 38.8 years
• A well-educated city in which 38% have a degree from the university.
•Two universities in one city: Umeå University, Swedish University of Agricultural Science
• Research related to energy, environment, plant and wood biotechnology is a high priority.
•High promotion of entrepreneurship and enterprise in the region
•1800 Hours of sunshine per year


A young and educated workforce

Umeå has a young population - average age in Umeå Municipality is 38.8 years. It is a creative and friendly city with well-developed infrastructure and high quality of life for its citizens.

With its two universities, Umeå is a hotbed for innovation and new thinking, a training ground for talent within Sweden and internationally.

Of the 290 municipalities in Sweden, Umeå is in the top 10 list in terms of highly educated population, 37.9% of Umeå municipality's population aged 25-64 have at least 3 years of post-secondary education - including postgraduate. For the Umeå women, the figure is even higher, 44.5% are highly educated.

Umeå University is strong in research related to the environment, namely ecosystem dynamics, environment and natural resources management, modeling of living systems, environmental chemistry, solar energy, plant and forest biotechnology among others.

Besides the two Umeå Universities, there are eight colleges, for sports, education, catering, technology, Architecture, design and fine arts.

Umeå Institute of Design is one of the worlds best and tends to be ranked first or second in the world.

The city has had a positive population growth since the 70s, and doubled its population in 50 years.

World-class communications connectivity

Umeå has a well developed and one of the world's fastest broadband connections.

Umeå municipality provides 100% of households and workplaces access to 10Mbit/s or more, and 86% access to 100Mbit/s or more.


Umeå Airport, located 4 km from central Umeå, offers about 20 national and international departures. There are also direct flights to Gothenburg, Kiruna and Östersund and holiday charters.

Umeå's port is one of the largest ports in northern Scandinavia and handles annually 2.3 million tonnes of goods.

Direct rail access to Stockholm, Sundsvall, Örnsköldsvik and Lulea.

Umeå city center is just 120 km from Vaasa in Finland, and there is a close relationship between the two cities which often results in various types of cooperation such as, Cleantech Kvarken.

Housing construction in Umeå is among the highest in the country in relation to the number of new residents.

Business potential

Umeå has 7,000 active companies including the manufacturing, building and construction sector, Trade, IT and Life Science. The municipal companies and provincial council have a strong environmental awareness daring to test new Cleantech solutions and investing in large-scale pilot plants such as BioEndev and the Algae pilot pilot plant.

Quality life-style

Umeå offers a high-quality life-style and an urban environment for its residents

Umeå - exciting future

Green future is a priority area of cooperation in Umeå. It is a prominent research area with large regional growth potential, containing research, education, and innovation and interoperability through including special initiatives and externally funded projects. Green future consists of Future Forests, Bio4Energy, ecochange, Future Biorefinery, and research at Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC).




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