Municipality/ Skellefteå

Combined Heat and Power Plant Hedensbyn

CHP Plant

Hedensbyn was Skellefteå Kraft’s first bioenergy combine when it started operations in 1996 and has been a world leader in the development of modern bioenergy technology ever since.

The Facility

The facility consists of a Combined Heat and Power plant generating district heating and green electricity, as well as a biopellet factory.

Regarding emissions, 99.98% of materials contained in the gases can be removed. As a result, the chimneys emit mostly harmless water vapour. Generating district heating, green electricity and biopellets at the same plant increases the efficiency of the combined power and heating plant, which would otherwise operate at an overcapacity during the warmer months of the year.

The Company

Skellefteå Kraft has been one of Sweden’s leading players in ecofriendly energy production for a number of years. The company’s development of its bioenergy combine in Hedensbyn is unique, not just in Sweden but internationally as well, and includes an energy-efficient steam-drying technique and a method for integrating this technique with a biofuel power and heating plant. With aggressive investments in modern technology and a world-leading, in-house development team, Skellefteå Kraft plays an important role in the development of bioenergy combines.


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