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OAZER offers a unique flexible solution for getting started with hydrogen refueling: From small scalable, modular and semi-mobile Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) adapted to customer needs, which can be switched to full-size permanent solutions for future needs of vehicle fleets with trucks, buses or trains. Everything uniquely adapted for sub-arctic and arctic climates. 

We are currently in the beginning of a global technology shift in which we are leaving fossil fuels and internal combustion-powered vehicles in favor of electric-powered vehicles, which are powered by batteries for lighter loads and shorter distances or with hydrogen fuel cells, optimized for heavy transport and long distances. OAZER's solution enables those customers who wish to convert their vehicle fleet to zero emissions, to start on a small scale and then gradually step up. SVEVIA in Umeå is our pilot customer.


  • Semi-mobile ie. container-based refueling stations with scalable capacity designed according to customer needs, or full-size permanent stations.
  • Education on the new energy society and hydrogen technology.
  • Pre-study, design, sale or rental of stations.
  • OAZER is responsible for the operation of the stations via service contracts.
  • Production of absolutely pure hydrogen on site from water, with clean electricity from solar, wind and hydroelectric power. Zero emissions from the source to the wheels.
  • Storage solutions for excess electricity from solar and wind energy and from the electricity grid (Both with batteries for 24-hour storage and hydrogen for long-term storage)
  • Retrofitted trucks and other vehicles that can be powered by electricity and hydrogen, via partners.


  • Long-term investors who want to help create the new transport infrastructure as well as zero-emission fleets, and thereby in the future prosper from the new hydrogen economy.
  • Partnership with other players for new opportunities for commercialization.
  • Vehicle fleet owners who want to start converting the fleet already to Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV), which is powered by fossil-free hydrogen.


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