Energirenovera Sverige - samlingsprojekt för energiomställning

Sweden faces significant challenges in achieving energy efficiency targets. To address this, the initiative "Energirenovera Sverige" is being launched, bringing together representatives from the construction, installation, and real estate sectors to highlight the potential for energy efficiency and provide recommendations for future renovation plans.

In June, Sweden will submit its national energy and climate plan to the EU. An analysis by the Energy Agency in April showed that Sweden is unlikely to meet its energy efficiency targets. Therefore, a detailed renovation plan with effective control measures is needed.

The project "Energirenovera Sverige" brings together stakeholders for dialogue and collaboration with the goal of creating recommendations for energy efficiency.

"Many are committed to increasing energy efficiency in Sweden, and it is very exciting that we now have the opportunity to gather several major players in the sector. It is entirely possible for Sweden to achieve its energy efficiency targets, and in this project, we will work to find smart ways to do so," says Lotta Bångens, CEO of Eneff - Sweden's interest organization for energy efficiency.

The Energy Agency estimates that energy efficiency in homes and buildings can save 15 TWh of electricity by 2030, and according to "Green Logic," there is a profitable potential of 53 TWh by 2045. The right control measures can enable significant changes.

"The energy efficiency requirements set by the EU are unique. It is of utmost importance how Sweden chooses to implement these requirements and utilize the significant potential to make buildings more efficient. This can contribute to lower energy prices, increased availability of renewable energy, increased capacity, and energy security," says Veronica Koutny Sochman, CEO of the industry organization Swedisol, which is one of the initiators of the study.

To utilize the potential for energy efficiency, its contribution to the energy system must be visualized. The project "Energirenovera Sverige" aims to develop a method to include energy efficiency in national energy statistics and to map future potentials. Such visualization can create increased incentives for politicians and authorities to invest in energy efficiency and thereby realize the significant potential that exists.

The initiative "Energirenovera Sverige" is led by Eneff - Sweden's interest organization for energy efficiency, Swedisol, NCC, Svensk Ventilation, Sveriges Allmännytta, Installatörsföretagen, VINCI Energies Sweden, and CIT Renergy. Additional companies, organizations, and networks will be involved in meetings and dialogue groups.


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