Information regarding Corona

The uncertainty is high due to Corona and Covid-19 and the situation is strained for a lot of companies. For this reason, North Sweden Cleantech has gathered valuable tips in order to support and help small and medium-sized companies in the region. See the list below, divided into the categories Financial aid and Support and counselling.

Financial aid:

Region Västerbotten:
Region Västerbotten allocates 25 million SEK to help the county's small businesses struggling of the Corona pandemic. It is a new form of support to help companies with a maximum of nine employees to carry out the restructuring efforts needed to respond to the crisis.
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Almi offers financial advice and has launched the opportunity for a “Brygglån”, Bridge loan, aimed at sustainable small and medium-sized companies and startups in Sweden where financing needs arise as a result of the spread of the Corona virus. The purpose is to handle a period of difficulties and the loan provides opportunities for conditions that are specially adapted to the current situation.
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Vinnova is making a new investment in innovations due to the Corona crisis. The funding offer is aimed at project initiatives that have the potential to support society in a challenging time through innovation.
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Advice and counselling:

Skellefteå municipality:
Företagshjälpen, Corporate Help, is an initiative where Skellefteå Municipality is involved together with, among others, North Sweden Cleantech's partner organization Skellefteå Science City. Företagshjälpen aims to answer common and unusual questions from the business community in the current crisis.
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Skellefteå kommun has collected relevant information on their website here.

Örnsköldsvik Municipality:
Örnsköldsvik Municipality has started Företagsakuten, Corporate Aid, a free service where you as an entrepreneur, can quickly receive advice and support to reduce the financial consequences of the Corona epidemic. At Företagsakuten, you can get help with questions about short-term permits, notice and liquidity problems for example. You get advices from local business advisers.
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Företagslotsen is a free service to entrepreneurs in Örnsköldsvik. At Företagslotsen you can get help in matters relating to permits and regulations as well as valuable contacts with the municipality. They also help with contacts to business support and networks.
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The incubator Bizmaker offers the Conversion Acute, a platform where, in collaboration with the municipalities of Västernorrland, they offer up to eight hours of free business coaching to all entrepreneurs in the county who want and can renew their business model.
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Umeå Municipality:

The municipality of Umeå has also established the Company Act, where they offer ongoing digital advice to companies to reduce the financial consequences of the Corona virus. It is a collaboration between the municipality of Umeå, Företagarna Umeå and several local business advisers.
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Vilhelmina Municipality:
Vilhelmina Municipality has established Företagslinjen where you can phone in with your questions regarding Corona. Every Wednesday, Vilhelmina Municipality organizes a corporate breakfast that focuses on discussing the national directives regarding Covid-19 in order to translate them into practical changes in local businesses.
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More information from the region’s municipalities.
Bjurholm Municipality
Robertsfors Municipality
Nordmaling Municipality
Vindeln Municipality
Vännäs Municipality
Storuman Municipality                      
Sorsele Municipality
Malå Municipality
Lycksele Municipality
Åsele Municipality
Dorotea Municipality is the authorities' joint website with information from more than 45 authorities. Now they have compiled a list of the temporary changes in Sweden's laws and regulations as a result of the pandemic.
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