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Municipality/ Umeå

Dåva Cogeneration Plants

The two CHP plants at Dåvaområdet is the heart of Umeå district heating supply and the north of Sweden’s largest power plant based on solid fuels. The production takes place in a manner that is sensitive to the environment and minimizes emissions by advanced filtering systems. Dåva cogeneration plant is located at Dåvamyrans industrial landfill, about 9 km northeast of Umeå Centre. The owner of the plant is the municipal company Umeå Energi.

Municipality/ Umeå

Dåva Landfill and Waste Center with a 1000-year perspective

Dåva Landfill and Waste Center in Umeå AB (Dåva DAC) takes care of many types of waste. Some examples are ashes from waste incineration and combustion of biofuels, contaminated soils, various waste products from the industry, waste for landfill from households and businesses, asbestos and sulphide soil. We see this as exciting wastes, often with great potential of recycling. We work with flexible solutions, in order to recycle as much as possible.


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