Invest in a Cleaner Future

Why Sweden?

- A world leader in clean technologies and their applications
- Offers numerous business opportunities for foreign investors in leading edge renewable energy
- A long cultural tradition of environmental awareness and a systematic approach to solve environmental problems

Sweden has wide experience and expertise within most aspects of Cleantech, and is outstanding within the areas of Renewable energy, Sustainable technologies and Green Vehicle Technologies.

Renewable Energy

Since the oil crises 1979, Sweden has been working actively to minimise its dependence on fossil fuel. In 2012, Sweden became the first country in Europe to meet the renewable energy targets set by EU for 2020, eight years ahead of schedule. To further appreciate Sweden's leadership it is necessary to know that Sweden's target of 50 percent is much higher than the European average target of 20 percent.

Sustainable Technologies

Anyone wishing to tackle environmental challenges can learn a lot from Sweden. For example, by setting up a local center of excellence to acquire know-how and build relations with leading industries and municipalities, your business can easily leverage Sweden as a laboratory for clean technologies. This can be done through the establishment of proprietary R&D units or establishment of strategic partnerships with Swedish cleantech companies.

Municipalities- Academia-Companies for sustainable growth

Swedish municipalities are important in driving developing and implementing solutions in waste management, water treatment, district heating and renewable energy. Today, several hundred biogas plants provide electricity, heat and fuel to Swedish cities and suburbs, and district heating/cooling systems reach the majority of the Swedish population.

At the national level there is an ambitious program to increase renewable electricity production by 25 TWh to 2020 (relative to 2002) and a further goal to reach a 50% share of renewable energy by 2020 was already achieved in 2012.

Each year we see a great flow of new start-ups from and around groundbreaking research at our universities.

Source: Business Sweden

The international perspective

Swedish cleantech has major export potential and the outlook for foreign investments in Swedish companies is positive. The aim of North Sweden Cleantech is to put cleantech companies in northern Sweden on the international map

North Sweden Cleantech Arena

Västerbotten and Örnsköldsvik counties provide a rich opportunity to both local, regional and international companies to locate and/or trade with several cleantech companies. The area is well known for its innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and its export capabilities. The three main cities - Umeå, Skellefteå and Örnskoldsvik, are constantly seeking ways to excel. 

Establish and Invest in Northern Sweden- Umeå, Skellefteå, and Örnsköldsvik.

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