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Municipality/ Umeå


Arevo offers entirely unique biostimulants and plant nutrition products that simplify cultivation and promote sustainable growth of trees and other plants. arGrow® products are used in forestry for nurturing and planting of mainly pine and spruce, and development is underway to adapt to more plant species in forestry, horticulture and agriculture. Arevo's activities are based on Professor Torgny Näsholm's award-winning research on plant nutrient uptake. The products are based on pioneering knowledge about how plants can use the amino acid arginine as a natural source of nitrogen. Arginine is absorbed quickly by plants, binds tightly to soil particles and is gentle on the micro-life in the soil, which enables strong growth of roots, very low leakage of nitrogen and good soil health. Simple, efficient and climate smart.

Municipality/ Umeå

BioFuel Region

BioFuel Region was founded in 2003 by regional stakeholders and is a non-profit organization owned by its members. It is financed from membership fees, public entities and project funds. We collaborate with the public sector, the business community as well as research and development. Our mission is to coordinate initiatives undertaken by members located in Sweden's four northernmost counties. BioFuel Region supports its member's efforts to develop the region's raw materials, expertise, business sector and society by promoting the region, building networks, sharing knowledge, shaping opinion and involving young people.

Municipality/ Sundsvall


Biocompost solves the problem with organic waste through automated, smart composting drums. We provide turnkey solutions for upcycling organic waste into resources, a process where big volumes of solid waste are composted in three to seven days. The drum is an in-vessel composting system that allows rapid composting of organic waste from restaurants, grocery stores, households, factories, processing plants, farms, municipalities etc. The Biocompost system exceeds conventional windrow composting by controlling hygienization and eliminating odour, larva, pathogens and seed weeds. The end result, the hygienized compost has no resemblance to the waste it was converted from. Instead, high-quality fertilizer and soil improvement products. Biocompost turns waste streams into value streams.

Municipality/ Örnsköldsvik

C-Green Technology

C-Green is an innovative process engineering company with a complete solution to efficiently convert large amounts of sludge into biocoal. The process is based on high-temperature carbonization (HTC) which basically copies nature's way of breaking down complex organic compounds into coal but takes a few hours instead of millions of years. What’s exceptional with C-Greens process is that it is energized by the sludge itself meaning it has an almost non-existent external energy demand.


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