Smarter Recycling with Caicla

Today it goes without saying to recycle. Companies highlight their green profile; employees demand more sustainable routines and there are also legal requirements to have knowledge of and to manage the waste. Lack of time can be an obstacle for this and Caicla therefore provides a recycling solution, where the companies both receive data on how much they put in the bin, as well as having the bins emptied before they are completely full. A smarter recycling solution, quite simply.

Green Cities Are the Goal for Vertisà

Vegetation contributes to cleaner the air, lowered carbon dioxide levels, increased well-being and security. In growing cities, the horizontal space for vegetation becomes smaller and the only way to increase the greenery in the city is through vertical cultivations. The Umeå-based company, Vertisà, therefore offers vertical gardens for both indoor and outdoor environments, with local fauna that attracts local insects and create a local ecosystem. A win for both the eye and environment.


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