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Municipality/ Umeå

BW Konstruktion

Boh Westerlund is a senior consultant in Electric Vehicle (EV) engineering. As the founder of Hybricon Bus Systems, ECTM Sweden and Oazer he has a long experience in EV engineering and design. BW Konstruktion AB (BWK) has over 40 years of experience in developing electric vehicles and machines. Previously, smaller electric vehicles and lifting equipment (ELC) developed and produced in cooperation with other companies and various subsidiaries. The main focus from 2016 onwards is a participation of establishing the hydrogen society, specifically with a focus on Fuel Cell Range Extenders for electric vehicles and support systems for that.

Municipality/ Umeå


Bostaden is the biggest actor on the Umeå housing market. Through its growth, Bostaden has helped turn Umeå into a city that in many ways is the capital of northern Sweden. We have a great responsibility to reduce our impact on our shared environment. Therefore, it is crucial to increase environmental awareness among both tenants and employees and we set clear environmental requirements for our suppliers and contractors. We believe that the path to our goal goes through knowledge, cooperation and open dialogue. In June 2008, we launched our major environmental project - Environmental Focus 2016 which includes objectives for the five areas: energy use, waste management, transportation, environmental friendly construction materials, knowledge and commitment.

Municipality/ Örnsköldsvik

C-Green Technology

C-Green is an innovative process engineering company with a complete solution to efficiently convert large amounts of sludge into biocoal. The process is based on high-temperature carbonization (HTC) which basically copies nature's way of breaking down complex organic compounds into coal but takes a few hours instead of millions of years. What’s exceptional with C-Greens process is that it is energized by the sludge itself meaning it has an almost non-existent external energy demand.

Municipality/ Robertsfors


CUE DEE has developed technical solutions and innovations for the telecom industry since 1978 and to the wind industry since 2001. CUE DEE AB develops and supplies masts, towers and support for antennas, measurement equipment, solar panels etc to costumers globally. CUE DEE is a well-known name among leading telecom industry companies around the world due to the fact the products are light, flexible, easy to install, designed to make small footprints and to be optimal for their purposes.

Municipality/ Umeå


Ecoclime can provide property owners with a complete solution for building automation (IoT based), energy recovery and energy distribution (heat/cold). We have a unique patented technology in the core of our solutions. Our focus is on creating the best indoor comfort with reduced energy consumption. We have solutions for residential and commercial real estate, but also for residential, schools, medical facilities, hotels, conference centers. Our most famous products are the patented comfort ceiling for heating and cooling and the Evertherm waste water collector solution.


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