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Municipality/ Skellefteå


We have specialized in complete solutions for water treatment in all types of cooling, heating and process plants. Our method gives your system a longer life, lower maintenance costs and better energy transfer properties. Overall, it is a clear improvement of the operating economy. The Waren effect cannot be compared with any other type of system treatment currently on the market. All our treatments are according to the European standard. We have also developed specialized standards for all types of energy systems. We always certificate our treatment and leave a 2-year warranty after achieving standard level.

Municipality/ Skellefteå


Accurate data on time is the foundation for all process optimization. With high availability and reliable measurements, Xore's analysers are valuable tools to the process engineers and operators in some of the world's most productive mines and smelters. We contribute to our customers' productivity and profitability by providing analysers and services with unique quality and availability. We build our analysers with quality and competence; this can be noticed in our products' speed, precision and availability. We strive to be a dependable partner to our customers and you can count on our service minded engineers to act, lead and suggest proactive activities to keep your analyser's performance at a maximum many years after installation. Mikael Normark, Walter Rönnblom and Lars-Eric Carlsson founded Xore in 2011. In 2015 Xore received an investment from the new co-owners Ackra Invest and Partnerinvest Norr, two investment companies active in northern Sweden. With a strong position on the Swedish market we are now looking to expand internationally.

Municipality/ Örnsköldsvik


AB ÖMV is a company that, through commitment and the use of modern technology, manufactures advanced process equipment to help our customers financially and thereby contributes to a sustainable world in the future. As our products often have to work under high pressures, at high temperatures and frequently in corrosive conditions, stringent demands are placed on their design and the choice of materials. We are your partner in the field of energy, paper, pulp, chemicals, nuclear power, bio refineries as well as oil & gas.

Municipality/ Örnsköldsvik

Örnalp Unozon - Viflow Group

ViFlow is one of Northern Europe's leading manufacturers and suppliers that specialise in  tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels and process equipment to industries in sectors such as defence, offshore, paper & pulp, chemistry, energy and nuclear power. We combine the advantage of a small company's proximity to customers, quick response and quick decision making with a big company's broad technical expertise. At our own manufacturing unit, Örnalp Unozon, we have long experience and great knowledge of the design and manufacturing of customised products in technologically advanced materials like titanium alloys, SMO, various types of stainless steel and carbon steel. 

Municipality/ Örnsköldsvik

Övik Energi

Övik Energi is a modern company with an environmental focus which provides comprehensive services within the field of energy and communication. We offer electricity contracts, electricity distribution, district heating, small-scale district heating, district cooling, process steam and broadband. Our vision is to be an attractive value-creating energy company. Övik Energi AB is a subsidiary in the sole ownership of Rodret in Örnsköldsvik AB. Rodret is completely owned by the Municipality of Örnsköldsvik.


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