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Enico Energi och Installation AB is a company that focuses on making houses and industries energy efficient. Energy efficiency of existing stocks and taking measures for making new productions energy efficient is the main interest of Enico. We help authorities, companies and organizations with energy related questions - for reducing the energy cost, reduce the environmental impact and increase the reliability of your energy systems. To you who own/manage or you who build/develops real estate - let us contribute to your increased operating net, your reduced environmental impact and increase the reliability of your energy systems.


  • Energy declarations
  • Energy mapping
  • Energy balance calculation
  • Certified energy expert, qualified
  • Troubleshooting
  • Procurement
  • Energy coordination/installation coordination
  • Inspection


We collaborate with construction companies and developers as well as real estate owners and managers of real estate and industry.


  • Customers who puts the Environment in focus and who wants to save Money on reduced energy costs
  • Owners and managers of real estate
  • Builders or developers of real estate


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