Do you have an integrity policy?

Yes, you can read about our integrity policy here.

How do I set up a Cleantech business in Northern Sweden, and how long will it take to set up?

Sweden welcomes the establishment of new companies. The process is streamlined and there are various forms of company set up from the establishment of a branch of your international company, to setting up a new venture. Please look at these ten tips that help you get started: sweden.se/business/how-to-start-a-business-in-sweden/

Are there any incentives to establish a company?

While there are no direct incentives, there are several reasons why international companies are attracted to Sweden/ Check this out: www.business-sweden.se/en/Invest/Why-Sweden/

Does North Sweden Cleantech provide funding / venture capital?

North Sweden Cleantech itself does not provide any funding, however it can introduce and facilitate meetings with such companies that could help.

Are there qualified staff available to be hired in northern Sweden?

The short answer would be yes, as the region has a pool of educated and/or specialised professionals. However, it would be dependent upon the level of expertise sought. North Sweden Cleantech could perhaps advise you in this process.

How does North Sweden Cleantech define ‘Cleantech?’

North Sweden Cleantech defines Cleantech to include environmental technology and service companies in the bio-economy; renewable energy, sustainable construction, urban planning and sustainable transport, water and waste management.

Can North Sweden Cleantech Patent my product/invention?

North Sweden Cleantech itself does not issue Patents. However, it can refer you to the Organisation(s) that issue Patents.

How do I plan the visit (of a high-level/special delegation) to meet companies and officials from the clean tech industry in northern Sweden?

We arrange tailor-made Technical and Business Visits for national and international delegations. If you would like to visit a business object and / or meet with Swedish clean tech companies in northern Sweden, please get in touch. 

We also collaborate with Smart City Sweden where you can book a visit to our smart city solutions here in the northern Region. 

How does my organisation/company become a member/partner of North Sweden Cleantech?

Please contact any of our staff. Contact details are in our website: www.northswedencleantech.se/contact

How do I get a job with North Sweden Cleantech?

There are currently no vacancies, however, you are welcome to submit your CV to Peter Hedman or Susanne Wiklund Lidström.


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