Circular Building Supply Store Opening in Umeå

A newly established economic association with 19 different companies, in collaboration with the Umeå municipality, will start a circular building supply store in Umeå. The store, opening this fall, will receive and sell quality-assessed construction and building materials to both private individuals and businesses.

"The construction industry accounts for 20 percent of carbon dioxide emissions in Sweden and generates large amounts of waste. By creating an operation that collects building materials, both new and recycled, and sells them again, we will make an important contribution to reducing waste and lowering carbon dioxide emissions in the municipality," says Janet Ågren (S), Chair of the Planning Committee, Umeå Municipality.

The newly formed ABC Umeå Economic Association aims to build capacity and knowledge for increased circular construction. Initially, the association will focus on establishing the circular building supply store, which will receive and sell quality-assessed construction and building materials to private individuals and businesses. The store, developed in collaboration with Umeå Municipality, is expected to open in the fall of 2024.

"Customer expectations to reduce emissions and increase reuse are constantly rising. Today, we do what we can to reuse building materials, but we need to scale up and do it on a larger scale. By forming ABC Umeå Economic Association and collaborating with Umeå Municipality, we can move from words to action," says Pelle Kriström, CEO of Contractor, one of the participating companies.

Roger Granberg, Property Manager at Balticgruppen, agrees.

"In the work to achieve climate neutrality, ABC Umeå is an important piece of the puzzle. By joining forces with other actors, we can find systematic and work processes for increased circular construction," says Roger Granberg.

Objective and Members 

The objective of the economic association is to:

  • In accordance with Umeå's climate roadmap, reduce climate impact and ensure measurable results.
  • Reduce the use of newly produced products and materials, and increase the use of reused products and materials.
  • Develop circular construction processes for members and other stakeholders.

Twelve companies are joining the economic association as members: Balticgruppen, Beijer Byggmaterial, Contractor, Fort-Knox, Länsförsäkringar Västerbotten, Magnolia, Martinssons, Nordmark & Nordmark, OF Bygg, Ragnsells, Selbergs Entreprenad, and VNB Byggproduktion.

Additionally, seven companies are joining as partners: AB Bostaden, Handelsbanken, PEAB, Rekab, Skanska, Tyréns, and VAKIN.


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