Deal with Skellefteå Kraft strengthens VEO´s position in Sweden

VEO has made a deal with Skellefteå Kraft, one of the largest energy companies in Sweden, on modernizing the electrification and automation systems in the Rebnis hydropower plant. The order will further strengthen VEO’s position on the Swedish market. Being a returning customer, Skellefteå Kraft has already partnered with VEO on many succesful projects.

The contract with Skellefteå Kraft supports VEO’s growth strategy in Sweden and opens up an opportunity to increase the number of employees at VEO’s country office in Sweden.

”During the past five years, we have delivered three electrification and automation projects for Skellefteå Kraft’s hydropower plants. All projects have succeeded: we have kept to the scedule and the deliveries have been of high quality”, says Kim Råholm, Vice President of VEO’s Hydropower unit.

Having reached the end of their lifecycle, the electification and automation systems at the Rebnis hydropower plant must now be modernized. At the same time, also the turbine will be replaced and the generator will undergo thorough maintenance. The new systems will enhance plant reliability and efficiency.

In the Rebnis project, VEO will show its strengths: automation and electrification expertise, on-site commissioning and testing, and training of operating staff. Modernization and reparation of existing hydropower plants require profound knowledge. To be able to integrate new solutions, one must know how existing equipment and systems function. Commenced in fall 2017, the Rebnis project will be handed over in fall 2018. Not only does the project create several man-years of work for VEO, it also employs a significant number of subcontractors.

More information:
Kim Råholm, Vice President, Hydropower, VEO, +358 207 1901


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