Exciting meetings between energy companies and their suppliers

Many aspiring and established suppliers and partners took the opportunity to meet the regions energy companies. After an inspiring morning at Företagardagarna with lectures and exhibitions, the afternoon’s business event which was hosted by Cleantech Kvarken began with no less than 51 scheduled meetings between companies from both Sweden and Finland.

The event was opened by Örnsköldsvik’s new business director, Fredrik Holmgren, who among other things, said that Örnsköldsvik accounts for around 3% of Swedish exports, despite the fact that only 0.5% of the Swedish population live in the city. After the inspiring introduction, a large number of companies received the chance, through matched meetings, to meet new customers and partners, including both the regions energy companies and the suppliers themselves. The goal of course was that everyone would take part in worthwhile and productive meetings and overall, entrepreneurs seemed generally very satisfied with the event.

– This is a great forum to meet new companies within the energy sector, and to see the possibilities of new and old customers, said Robert Bylin, CEO of the technology consulting firm Eurocon.

During the coffee break, a short lecture was held by Rune Westegård, founder of the Finnish consulting company Citec, and author of the book “Ett jordklot räcker”. Rune Westegård’s conclusions were that we can not possibly save ourselves from the situation of climate change, rather we need to streamline and shift technologies.

To summarise, the day offered a delightful mix of spontaneous and organised meetings which will hopefully lead to many new business opportunities for the region’s Cleantech companies.


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