From wind power to hydrogen

Wind power and hydrogen was in focus during a workshop organized by North Sweden Cleantech together with Inlandets teknikpark and Process-IT Innovations and others. Participants in the workshop were 30 people from different parts of the value chain, where representatives from North Sweden Cleantech's wind power clusters also participated, during a full-day workshop over link.

The large establishments of wind power generates a high excess of power, especially during certain times of the year. This surplus should be utilized, the question is how. Can hydrogen production be an alternative to storing surplus? What does the value chain look like? What does the business model look like? Are there other innovative solutions than hydrogen? Are there stakeholders who want to invest? These were some of the questions that were asked during the workshop.

The program included four speakers who contributed with their expertise and insight into the industry. Christer Andersson from the Vindkraftscentrum, Pedro Raposo from Relitor, Niclas Damsgaard from Svenska kraftnät and Boh Westerlund from Oazer. Moderators were Peter Hedman and Susanne Wiklund Lindström, North Sweden Cleantech.

Christer Anderson provided insight into wind power and the great potential in renewable electricity from wind power, as well as the surplus generated. A modern wind turbine can generate about 4 MW, which is similar to the production from about 3000 solar cells, or 150,000 sqm. What makes Sweden strong in this industry on an international market for foreign investors is that we invest in renewable fuels, stable political climate and coherent thinking of these issues in Sweden.

Pedro Raposo, Relitor, talked about the potential of hydrogen gas and the risks with hydrogen gas. Focusing on safety, Pedro discussed hydrogen production together with a broad description of the conditions and usages of hydrogen.

Data dominated Niclas Damsgaard's, Svenska kraftnät, presentation in which he presented long-term market analyses. What one can clearly see in these analyzes is how the power system in Sweden will be depending on the weather in energy production, where wind power on land and at sea will play a central role.

- Wind power is the type of energy source that needs to be stored to be really efficient, said Boh Westerlund, Oazer.

Boh Westerlund, Oazer, talked about the hydrogen society in his presentation and Sweden's position on an international market, and ambitions and visions. Right now we have an excellent opportunity to become a world leader and create a hydrogen center in the north.

The future
Discussions followed with the workshop's participants and they provided a good base for future activities on the issue. The idea of ​​this workshop was to identify interest in continuing with this. Some suggestions presented by the participants were research collaborations and feasibility studies on establishing hydrogen hubs and gas stations in the coast and inland of Västerbotten.

- We at North Sweden Cleantech will now compile proposals and views and invite interested parties to continue collaboration, says Peter Hedman, project manager of North Sweden Cleantech.

After the workshop many have been positive and one course participant expressed the following: “I have been to many similar events and this was the first time that the right kind of competence needed for this kind of project was gathered. Both users, end customers, energy producers and energy storage experts were represented - all groups needed in the matter. "

Does this sound interesting to your business and something you want to know more about?

Contact Peter Hedman, Project Manager North Sweden Cleantech, or
Peter Sundberg, Cluster Manager Skellefteå Science City for more information.


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