Great interest for Komatsu Forest in Vaasa

Komatsu Forest was in Vaasa in Finland on Tuesday to inform about their new industrial establishment in Umeå and network with Finnish companies for possible collaborations for the new establishment, and the interest from the Finnish side was comprehensive.

Komatsu Forest is one of the world's largest manufacturers of forest machines and sells machines all over the world. The company is currently building one of Sweden's largest industrial investments; a CO2-neutral plant in Umeå with a focus on sustainable production. The need for smart solutions is big and the Interreg Botnia-Atlantica project Future Cleantech Solutions organized a full day of networking in Vaasa together with a large number of Finnish companies and it was a day full of meetings for Martin Ärlestig, EVP Plant Manager and Krister Rosendahl, Acting Plant Manager.

“Nice to meet suppliers on their home field,” says Martin Ärlestig.

Interest has been unexpectedly high. Over 100 companies were present, of which 70 companies had wished for a personal meeting with Komatsu. Martin Ärlestig opened the afternoon with a presentation of Komatsu Forest's investment and their visions, plans and challenges for the future, where Martin emphasized, among other things, the need for increased cooperation between countries and more women in the forest industry. Then followed a series of private business meetings with companies selected by Komatsu.

"We've had a lot of interchange in little time where we touched many areas, everything from AI to transport," says Krister Rosendahl.

“It has been a great day where several contact areas have been identified for added value. A high level and accuracy in meetings with engaged people and there is much to take further”, says Martin Ärlestig.

The companies were also satisfied with the personal meetings and the opportunity to present their business. Many saw the potential for future partnerships.

"After the personal business meetings with Komatsu Forest, the feedback from the companies has been very positive and that it has contributed to concrete opportunities in the future," says Triinu Varblane, Future Cleantech Solutions.

The day was a success and activities such as these are central to the project Future Cleantech Solutions' work, to collaborate across borders and connect small and medium-sized companies with large establishments. Komatsu also ended the day by thanking for a well-arranged event with high quality.

“One of the best things about today's event is that we who work with business development have made contacts with new companies that we can involve in our Future Cleantech Solutions project and our daily work. In addition, many companies have found us on both sides of Kvarken, " says Peter Hedman, project manager Future Cleantech Solutions.

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