High Coast Innovation Park, the new international name for Domsjö area

The industrial area in Domsjö in Örnsköldsvik has now been given a new international name, High Coast Innovation Park.

- It creates a lot of value for us entrepreneurs to have a common name and it is important to have an international name while operating on a global arena as we do. It is a great advantage to be part of something bigger, says Björn Vedin, CEO of Domsjö Fabriker, one of the actors in the area.

Until now, the area has had at least six different names: Domsjö, Domsjö utvecklingsområde, Brux, Örnsköldsvik, Alfredshem and Hörneborg. A common name will create more opportunities for all companies and startups in the area benefit with a common platform and brand while being part of something even bigger than themselves.

In the area there is extensive and important cooperation between companies. One company's chemicals, energy or restproducts, are refined and used by another. The sustainable industrial symbiosis should therefore be emphasized more. Many companies are proud to be a part of this area but at the same time they are lacking a cohesive group for doing things together.

- I feel great joy in seeing how collaboration between innovative people creates something together. It is important that we build on and highlight the fantastic history that exists. says Jon Moraeus, International Business Developer at Future Cleantech Solutions.

The arguments for a new name are many. A common added value, increased attractiveness, greater collaboration, more opportunities, clearer communication to external parties, a stronger employer brand and talent attraction.

- This is a modern and international name that creates interest. As we see it, it can give us a greater attractiveness as an employer, says Robert Bylin, Vice President at Eurocon.

In 2019, development work started by RISE Processum and Världsklass Örnsköldsvik, with  interviews and preparatory work together with companies in the field. Questions and answers were about everything from infrastructure, major investments, HR issues, etc. Subsequently, a CEO group consisting of CEOs and managers of companies was formed, where Björn Vedin, CEO of Domsjö Fabriker, became coordinator. Values ​​and desires crystallized and then subgroups were created to define those desires and ambitions. Regarding the marketing of the area, a communication group was appointed with representatives from the area to develop a new name and a new vision. The regional development projects North Sweden Cleantech and Future Cleantech Solutions support the coordination of the work.

The logotype for High Coast Innovation Park was inspired by the Domsjö area seen from above, as the picture illustrates. A communication group has worked with the name with representatives from Övik Energi, Sekab, RISE Processum, Aditya Birla-Domsjö Fabriker and Future Cleantech Solutions. 

- Solid work has been put into this and it has resulted in a common communication platform for us in the area. It creates even better conditions for us to together highlight and market all the development and expertise that exists here, says Frida Niska, Communications Manager RISE Processum

More to come
The next steps will be primarily digital in consultation with companies in the field. More information will follow.

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