International visit on waste management

Sweden’s waste management has evolved for centuries and in Umeå we have several popular visit objects on the topic. Last week a group of international visitors from India got introduced to the Swedish waste management system and with great interest in our sustainable solutions on smart waste management a visit program was organised by North Sweden Cleantech through the national initiative Smart City Sweden.

The day started off with a visit at Klockarbäcken Recycling Center together with Vakin, the municipal waste and water company, to learn how the households in Umeå are recycling and sorting their bulky waste, garden waste and hazardous waste. Second visit of the day was to Dåva Combined Heat and Power Plant. At Dåva both waste and bio waste are incinerated in two separate boilers. Dåva is one of the world’s most energy efficient and environmentally friendly facilities as it produces electricity, district heating and district cooling from waste which is brought in from e.g. recycling centres around Umeå. To end the day the group visited Dåva DAC that provides environmental treatment, recovery and disposal of solid and semi-solid waste. A tour around the plant ended the day of waste management.

With the ambition to learn and be inspired the technical business visit was a success and our international visitors left Umeå with great enthusiasm.


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