New Film Demonstrates Solutions to Challenges in City Development

Smart City Sweden welcomes delegations from all over the world that are interested in investing in smart & sustainable city solutions. Some of these solutions from Sweden are demonstrated in a new short film.

Sweden has a lot to offer when it comes to sustainability. With cutting-edge solutions in areas such as waste management, mobility and equality, Sweden is leading the way to a more sustainable future. In 2020, Sweden was ranked as number one in reaching the sustainable development goals and is also in the top when it comes to innovation.

Through the platform Smart City Sweden, international decision-makers and business leaders can book study visits and meetings to explore solutions within the topics they are interested in, related to smart city development. Each delegation is then matched with companies and experts that can deliver the solutions suitable to their local context.

A new film by Smart City Sweden shows some of the leading cities in Sweden where smart and sustainable solutions have been implemented. Watch examples such as mobility planning in Gothenburg, sustainable energy transition in the north of Sweden and innovative circular solutions in the south and meet some of the people that are a part of the solution.

Watch the film here!


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