Northern Sweden gathers force to establish battery factory

Northern Sweden's proposal for a future battery factory in Skellefteå stands strong among its competitors. "When it comes to delivery of renewable and clean energy in Sweden, we are simply the best alternative", says Susanne W Lindström, project manager for international business at North Sweden Cleantech.
The whole region is now gathering force to improve the proposal even further in time for the final decision.

During the summer, it was announced that Skellefteå, in northern Sweden, and Västerås, just west of Stockholm, are the two cities chosen by Northvolt as possible locations for the construction of Europe's largest battery factory. As many as 40 municipalities in Sweden and Finland showed an interest in Northvolt's plans for the factory that will produce batteries for energy storage. Ten of the municipalities were selected, and Skellefteå is now one of the final two.

Skellefteå in northern Sweden is a strong contender in several aspects that would benefit the large battery plant. "There are several reasons for it, but when it comes to renewable and clean energy in Sweden, we are simply the best alternative. Using  energy from hydro power, Northvolt can deliver an environmentally friendly battery and build a powerful brand connected to sustainability" Susanne W Lindström explains.

Based in the region, energy company Skellefteå Kraft also offers 100 percent renewable electricity to the battery plant, which needs 300 megawatts per hour. "We have a big supply of green energy from water power, which is important to Northvolt. Skellefteå Kraft is the region's main energy company, and being at the forefront, we can easily supply Northvolt with the large amount of power that’s needed", says Christoffer Svanberg, business area manager at Skellefteå Kraft.

The setting up of the battery factory is one of the largest industrial projects in modern time and approximately 3,000 jobs are at stake in a region in which the member companies of North Sweden Cleantech operate.

“We expect at least as many job opportunities linked to the plant as a result of the establishment. I hope and believe that the business community in general and our regional cleantech companies in particular will get more business. We also hope that startup companies and innovations connected to the battery factory will begin to emerge”, says Lindström.

On the very same day that Skellefteå was selected as one of the final candidates, Volvo announced that all its cars launched from 2019 will be equipped with electric engines. "It's a clear message and a good standpoint from Volvo. Batteries are a very hot topic internationally, so we hope that a factory will attract other establishments. The fact that Skellefteå has come this far in the Northvolt process is also proof that we have something really unique here in northern Sweden”, Lindström concludes.

Photo: Peter Carlsson, Managing Director of Northvolt, and Ibrahim Baylan, Sweden’s Secretary of State for Energy and Policy Coordination, along with representatives from Skellefteå Municipality and Skellefteå Kraft. Photo: Johanna Norin. 


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