Prismalence sheds light on the world from Övik

The demand for high-quality industrial lighting is increasing and Prismalence has taken market shares on the world market from Örnsköldsvik. The company has become a supplier to the world's largest crane manufacturer and opened an office in Singapore.

- We are more and more noticing that there is a demand for good light-control and light quality in extreme environments, says marketing manager Daniel Björk.

Since the breakthrough of LED lighting, it has become difficult to stand out, not least since prices and quality has gone down as a result of mass production. Prismalence has chosen to offer lighting to customers with high demands, active in the port industry with container ports and cranes.

- LED has become the ground level, so everyone assumes LED and that energy saving is linked to it. Of course, we offer it but we also provide advanced lighting control and light quality together with a very durable luminaire, says Daniel.
- Over the past 12 months we have also invested heavily in developing new luminaires for industrial premises and have started to sell more on the Swedish market, he says.
A large part of Prismalence's products are exported and the customers range from ports in Peru to mines in Kiruna, airports in Asia and Harry Potter.
Harry Potter?

We return to the young magician a little later. Daniel Björk, marketing manager, runs Prismalence with cousin Olov Bergkvist, CEO. Prismalence was founded in 2003 by Olov Bergkvist and Daniel's father Lars Bergkvist. Prismalence has focused on finding a color spectrum similar to the sun's light - white light with color rendering is the basis for high quality lighting.
- We have studied the light in different types of LEDs to see which gives the best visibility. The eye perceives certain wavelengths in different ways - in some wavelengths you lose sight of the darkness. Yellow light turns off your night vision while blue light increases it - but can be dazzling instead.

The choice not to compete in the mass market and instead focus on narrow markets has produced results, not least in Asia where Prismalence has achieved great success. The new Asia office in Singapore with two full-time employees has changed all the high-lighting at Seletar Airport, the largest private airport in Singapore. 

What is the challenge with luminaires in that environment?
- Heat and wetness are tough challenges - when you have high humidity and monsoon rain with regular intervals, it must be very waterproof. When it is dry, the heat destroys gaskets that are not of sufficient quality and then the water can seep in. Another breakthrough is that the world's largest supplier of port cranes has chosen Prismalence as a supplier. The port crane company has 80 percent of the world market.
- They have too high requirements for any ordinary luminaire manufacturer to handle. But we are one of those who can deliver, which feels honorable, says Daniel. 

A modern harbor crane is gigantic and can be 120 meters high with a span of 140 meters where it is 80 meters from the location of the fixture to the container space.
- We talk extreme lighting that will withstand salt splashes and storms and are subjected to constant vibrations that break steel braces straight off if you do not like special steel. This is our paradigm, as there are so few competitors who put in the effort to making extreme fixtures.

And the connection to Harry Potter? Many of Prismalence's customers certainly think their light is magical and so does the recording team for the Harry Potter films. One of the customers of Prismalence was in charge of the movie lighting and in the third movie Prismalence luminaires sat on 20 light poles.
- Harry is in the spider forest and this was filmed in the middle of the night with bright lighting and then you have mixed the light in the post production to get this special lighting. This is what makes it really fun to work with lighting because you can end up just about anywhere in the world and with absolutely incredible projects, says Daniel.

Picture: Prismalence​

Read more about Prismalence here.
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