Processum enables the pilot plant for nano-cellulose in Örnsköldsvik

The plant will be the first of its kind in Europe and is an important step for interested companies on a large scale to develop nano-crystalline cellulose from cellulose-based material. Nanocrystalline cellulose materials have many interesting properties and can be used, such as building materials, biocomposites, printed electronics, and color additives.

The agreement was signed by the four partners SP Processum, Holmen, MoRe Research and Melodea, In addition to pure research and scaling purposes of the pilot plant an important function is also to get a plant that can produce sufficient quantities of nano-crystalline cellulose.The activity in the upcoming pilot plant based on the Israeli company Melodeas technology.

- It is exciting that the agreement is signed and the construction of the pilot can get started, says Magnus Hallberg, CEO SP Processum. It's really fun to this type of world-leading biorefinery, which the company Melodea developed, come here to the environment that we have created together with our member companies.

The pilot will be jointly owned by SP Processum, Holmen, MoRe Research and Melodea and even other parts of the SP Group is very much involved in the cooperation. Even SEKAB is a key partner in the cooperation when the pilot will be at their premises in the Biorefinery Demo Plant.

- We all have different roles and competencies that complement each other very well, so I look forward to what the continued cooperation will mean when the pilot is in place, Magnus says.

The plant is financially supported by the County Administrative Board of Västernorrland, Holmen, Kempe Foundations, SP Technical Research and Önnesjöstiftelsen.


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