Storforum - new perspectives on sustainable construction

At this year's Storforum Cleantech Kvarken and its sister project Cleaner Growth were given the opportunity to present themselves to the construction industry. The municipal company Bostaden won an award for best project with "Sustainable Ålidhem.

Storforum (Large Forum) was organised by The Network for sustainable construction and management, in collaboration with Sweden Green Building Council. One of the aims of The Network for sustainable construction and management is to meet across industry boundaries and provide different perspectives on construction and property management. This year, Storforum involved, as it usually does, sustainability.

Mauritz Knuts from the Vasa Region's Development Company VASEK in Finland made a presentation; the Renovation Centre project, UPAB, presented Green Parking Contracts and Stina Sjöblom from the municipality of Umeå described how land distribution works in practice. At the end of the day, companies in the construction and management industries that offer environmental services, products, systems and processes then found out how they can benefit from our new investments in Cleantech.

Bostaden awarded for best project with "Sustainable Ålidhem"

A prize ceremony was also held for Environmental Construction (Gold Award), where the municipal company Bostaden won an award for best project with "Sustainable Ålidhem". It was Sweden Green Building Council and the Network for sustainable construction and management who together gave awards in two categories, with Ulf Nordvall from PEAB claiming the award as greatest driving force.

Read more at the Bostaden webbsite


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