Swedish wood chipper on its way to Canada

Multi Channel Sweden's innovative wood chipper is on its way to the international market. Nicklas Boström, CEO of the company, travelled, together with several others involved in the Bizmaker Forest Accelerator programme, to Canada this autumn. They participated in the Scandinavian Startup Week, which is a recurring initiative that helps new growth companies to international markets. The goal for Multi Channel Sweden is that all existing traditional disc chippers in the industry will eventually be replaced by Multi Channel Sweden’s Flexchipper™. One part of that work is an information tour in Canada in 2018.

Multi Channel Sweden's wood chipper construction contributes to both increased raw material utilization and reduced transport. Aside from the fact that the cutter itself draws less energy than the disc chipper, the evener chip size gives an energy saving when cooking pulp since cooking times and temperatures can be optimized. As if that was not enough, the Multi Channel Sweden's chipper is easy to install, maintain and have less downtime than a traditional disk chipper. Considering this it is not surprising that the chipper now attracts greater and greater international interest.

The programme for the week in Canada was packed with meetings with potential partners, investors and customers. The group also visited commercial offices, Canadian incubators and hubs for development. One of the places visited was FP innovation. Nicklas tells us that the representative they met obviously was ordered there by his boss and initially seemed quite uninterested in meeting with him. "But after 10 minutes of presentation he was almost inside my computer. One week after our visit in Canada, they arrived in Sweden and Örnsköldsvik to look at our pilot site in Domsjö's development area. "

Despite the great interest from Canada, Multi Channel Sweden is currently focusing on the Swedish market. "We have contact with all major players in the industry and some feel really interesting," Nicklas says.


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