The Cleantech Profile 2021 is Emilia Lindmark!

The winner of this year's Cleantech Profile is Emilia Lindmark from EOE Eyewear! She was appointed by a unanimous jury during Cleantech Meetup digitally March 24.

- I am very happy and proud. It feels very wonderful, especially to start with a product we did not know much about but then went into more about sustainability, to start a world-unique recycling process and open a store. It feels great that it is also noticed and that we can be involved in developing in Norrland and everything that happens here. That we get to be part of that journey, said Emilia Lindmark, Cleantech Profile of 2020.

It was as a surprised and happyEmilia Lindmark who recieved flowers, diploma and a check during Cleantech Meetup. The prize consists, in addition to honour, of a scholarship of SEK20 000 to be used for competence-enhancing activities such as travel, education, conferences for example.

The motivation was: the Cleantech Profile 2020 is an entrepreneur who comes from Västerbotten and who over the past 11 years together with her husband has built up a very successful company. Ever since the business idea arose during a snowmobile trip in Ammarnäs in Västerbotten's mountain world, she has continued to be a true ambassador for sustainable solutions from northern Sweden and recently started a Norrland store in the middle of Stockholm city. The entrepreneur has revolutionized an entire industry by manufacturing glasses sustainably by recycling old eyeglass frames.

- When we started EOE Eyewear in 2010, sustainability was an important part of the business model right from the start. Over the past three years, we have worked to take a huge step forward in sustainability work by breaking new ground and developing a completely new recycling concept, said Emilia.

EOE Eyewear, together with selected organizations and industry partners, has set up recycling stations where old and used glasses are collected. In a factory in northern Sweden, the old glasses are dismantled and sorted by color and quality. Then begins the world-unique recycling process that EOE Eyewear has developed together with engineers, physicists and chemists. From the old glasses, 98% of the material is recycled and processed into the new raw material, acetate. Together with metal parts made of recycled Swedish steel, the new raw material forms new glasses with a unique history.

Read more about EOE Eyewear here!

The criteria for nominating a person as the Cleantech Profile of the Year is that it must be a person who has engaged and positioned himself or his company in an exemplary manner in green technology, clean energy or sustainable solutions in northern Sweden. This is the fifth year that the award has been presented.

Other finalists this year was Johanna Johansson from PlantVation and Heidi Andersson


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