The winners of Energy Solution Challenge

Smart production of food for a sustainable world. The winners of Uminova Innovation's climate competition want to contribute. They receive 200,000 SEK to develop their idea.

The startup company Harvest Umeå wins Uminova Innovation's big climate competition Energy Solution Challenge. The first prize is 200,000 SEK and they also get help from business developers on pushing the proposal forward.

"We will build a pilot plant in the middle of Umeå to produce food, but also look at how we can do it elsewhere," says Tobias Remes, who together with Ellen Bergström and Daniel Remes are responsible for the winning grant.

With their contribution, the three winners want to challenge a traditional food industry by producing food products centrally in the city, with less resources.

- We want to change the way we produce, consume and value food in society. We want to create a sustainable lifestyle through local food production of vegetables and plant-based cultivation, says Ellen Bergström.

The Energy Solution Challenge climate competition has taken place during the autumn and has become a very big success with a total of 85 submissions.

- We have sought a winner who tackles the climate challenge in an extraordinary way. We are very pleased to have found an engaged and credible team in Harvest Umeå, says Johan Hedengran, business developer and responsible manager at Uminova Innovation for the competition. 

- It is fossil-free delivery directly to the consumer. The idea feels fresh, climate-smart and vital. It can also save large amounts of energy. A sustainable lifestyle, Johan Hedengran continues. 

The jury consisted of representatives from Uminova Innovation, Umeå Energi and Skellefteå Kraft. The motivation for winners reads: "With a dedicated team that has the drive and the skills to drive change in circular models and behaviors, we believe that the winner can make a difference for the future of food consumption and create the conditions for people to live sustainable lives." 

The competition took place in collaboration with the project Climate Smart Innovation Environments (Swedish Energy Agency, Arctic Business, Umeå Energy, Skellefteå Kraft and Skellefteå Science City) and North Sweden Cleantech.

Text & picture: Mikael Hansson


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