Umeå gets a climate smart bus stop

Umeå Municipality is building a climate smart bus stop at Umeå University. In connection with that, other surrounding areas will also be rebuilt to enhance the availability and road safety.

The bus stop shows how technology, people and environment can interact to decrease the environmental impact and carbon dioxide emissions. The bus stop is designed in collaboration with RISE Interactive Umeå and will make rapid boarding possible and will also be equipped with smart solutions, free WIFI and other technological data solutions. The design work has included creating a balance between efficiency and functionality and the design itself contributes to transforming the wait for the bus into a positive experience.

The reconstruction starts in May 2019 and is estimated to be done in the beginning of September 2019. It is partly financed by the EU project, Ruggedised.

Find more information about the reconstruction here

Read more about Ruggedised here

Picture: Illustration of the climate smart bus stop, designed by RISE and Rombout Frieling Lab.


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