Visits to Smart City Sweden led to sustainable solutions abroad

Waste management in Colombia, Energy efficiency in Somaliland and Smart Grids in Germany – these are just a few examples of projects that have started as a result of Smart City Sweden. The visit platform works to demonstrate sustainable city solutions from Sweden and welcomes delegations from all over the world. The result is over 20 projects on four different continents.

Since 2017, Smart City Sweden has welcomed decision-makers and stakeholders from all over the world who are interested in finding sustainable city solutions that fit the needs of their local context. The platform demonstrates solutions in mobility, urban planning, social sustainability, energy and climate. During the years, Smart City Sweden has welcomed thousands of people and hundreds of delegations from 79 countries.

In 2020, Smart City Sweden welcomed 1700 visitors, mostly online, from 55 different countries. The visits from the last years have resulted in about 20 pre-feasibility studies being conducted in countries all around the world, where it is investigated if the sustainable solutions from Sweden can be implemented in that specific context.

– Sweden has a lot of experience and solutions when it comes to sustainability. All countries that are part of the Paris agreement need to implement sustainable solutions to reach the Global Goals, and Sweden, and Swedish companies, can play a part in that transition, says Gina Aspelin Hedbring, Project Manager at Smart City Sweden.

– Smart City Sweden Region North have welcomed 17 delegations to Northern Sweden during 2021. After the Corona restrictions were lifted, Region North had many physical delegations, mainly from Finland. But also, high-level visits from embassies, for example from the United Arab Emirates and USA. Areas that international visitors showed great interest in were energy-related industries and sustainable construction, says Nina Rismalm, International Business developer at Smart City Sweden Region North.

Swedish companies have participated in delivering the technical solutions, as well as the know-how while conducting the studies and several of the studies are already becoming a reality. In Somaliland, four studies were conducted, and streetlights run by solar power have already been installed. In Germany one prefeasibility study was made within Smart Grids, Energy storage, Smart housing, Smart Metering, E-mobility and charging infrastructure.

View the prefeasibility study here.

View all the studies by Smart City Sweden and read more about them here:

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Gina Aspelin Hedbring, Project Manager, Smart City Sweden:
Nina Rismalm, Business developer at Smart City Sweden Region North and
North Sweden Cleantech:

About Smart City Sweden

Smart City Sweden is managed by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and coordinated by the Swedish Energy Agency. Other actors involved in the platform is The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, Vinnova, The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, The Swedish Transport Administration, The Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority, The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and Business Sweden. The regional offices are managed by North Sweden Cleantech, Dalarna Science Park, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Business Region Göteborg, Cleantech Östergötland and Sustainable Business Hub.


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