Women on governing boards make more profit

More women in the technology industry can provide companies with increased profitability. This was one of the lessons from the Women with Impact conference, organised by Cleaner Growth, which attracted nearly 100 people.

Cleaner Growth is an initiative run by Uminova Innovation and aims to get more companies in the environmental and energy industry. The initiative also pushes hard to open more opportunities for women to be able to take positions in the technology industry and encourages women to become entrepreneurs.

Therefore, under the title Women with Impact, Cleaner Growth arrange themed days and meetings to highlight these issues. The first meeting was held this week in Skellefteå Science City, which attracted nearly 100 participants from Örnsköldsvik as well as from Finland.


Tove Dahlgren from the foundation Allbright was one of the speakers who aroused many feelings. She showed the imbalance that exists between women and men in business management.

- Congratulations, Anders! Exclaimed Tove Dahlgren, and explained that Anders is the most common name in company management.

- Anders recruits Anders who additionally recruits Anders. In this way, the Swedish businesses have their own little Anders-cycle. Super clever, said Tove Dahlgren, who also noted that a women’s name appears first at number 17.

Equality gives profitability

But the cycle is broken, companies can become more profitable, said Tove Dahlgren. Equality is profitable, she noted, arguing that companies that have women on the board have higher profits and are 20% less likely to go bankrupt.

A battery of ideas

Susanne W Lindström, head of the international marketplace in Cleaner Growth was very pleased with the conference.

- During the conference we have received a battery of ideas about how we can work further. - It is very much about building models, holding creative workshops, as well as having the courage to drive change and share knowledge, continues Susanne W Lindström.

Desirable for many

The moderator of the day was Annakarin Nyberg, Internet researcher from Umeå University.

- It was great to see so many people gather. It shows that the issues are important and topical. I was also struck by how the speakers and the audience generously shared their experiences and knowledge, and that there was a lot of concrete and constructive proposals on how the tech sector can become more equal. Personally, I take a lot of inspiration with me back to my own business, say Annakarin Nyberg.

Others who also took part in the conference included Helena Lindahl, parliamentary politician of the Centre party, Camilla Wagner, from Management by Kerstin and its partner Klara K, as well as Malin Lindberg, gender researcher from Luleå University.

This article was originally published by Infotech Umeå, and was written by Mikael Hansson.


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