New Project Unlocks New Opportunities for Regional Businesses

Last week, the joyful news was announced that the project "Innovationskraft för grön omställning" (Innovation for Green Transition) was granted funding from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. This creates opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises to receive support in developing their innovation efforts and seizing the business opportunities that come with the green industrial transition. As a result, North Sweden Cleantech welcomes two new collaborative partners.

Smarter Recycling with Caicla

Today it goes without saying to recycle. Companies highlight their green profile; employees demand more sustainable routines and there are also legal requirements to have knowledge of and to manage the waste. Lack of time can be an obstacle for this and Caicla therefore provides a recycling solution, where the companies both receive data on how much they put in the bin, as well as having the bins emptied before they are completely full. A smarter recycling solution, quite simply.


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