SpinChem's Technology Pushes Boundaries – Near Major Breakthroughs

For over a decade, the Umeå-based company SpinChem has been tackling some of the world's most complex environmental challenges. With a vision of contributing to a greener planet, the company has steadily developed and refined technologies that deliver results. Now, they are close to major breakthroughs in the nuclear power and pharmaceutical industries.

"Things take time, but we are better off now than ever before, and the work we have put in is starting to pay off," says CEO Emil Byström.

Solar Heat: The Third Wave of Renewable Energy – Absolicon Leads the Way

The International Energy Agency has recently predicted that solar heat will become the third wave in renewable energy. After a decade of rapid growth for wind power and solar panels for electricity, the norhtern Sweden-based company Absolicon is at the forefront of solar heat development. Twenty years ago, founder Joakim Byström began exploring how we could solve heat supply with solar energy. Today, their concentrated solar collectors stand as a solution for some of the world's largest food companies.


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