Nordic Eco Solutions on the Way to Revolutionize the Automotive Industry

The transition to electric cars is dominant in the automotive industry and among investors. But innovations around hydrogen are gaining ground, and fast. The Skellefteå based company Nordic Eco Solutions have a cutting-edge technology and is looking for land to build the first factory.

- It sounds cocky, but once the vehicles are delivered, we have made sure that the fuel and the infrastructure are ready. As we see it, electric cars are made to run on hydrogen, says Christian Hagelberg, CEO at Nordic Eco Solutions.

Coeo's hybrid solution has been a success during Corona times

The business idea was sprung from climate anxiety, a lot of experience of distance meetings and over twenty years of digital business development. In 2019, Anders Gunnarsson founded the company Coeo - a hybrid solution which blends together physical and digital meetings. Enter Corona pandemic and he is now the CEO who has done the unusual and removed his phone number from the company website.

- The industry is tossed upside down, we have not been able to take care of all the clients calling us, says Anders.

The Umeå based company tackles pollutions

SpinChem from Umeå has nine of the ten biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world as paying customers. On top of that they are one their way to solve the problem with radioactive water from nuclear plants and similar businesses. It is exciting times, to say the least, for SpinChem which have to employ more people to be able to handle the development.
- Our goal is to create benefit for the customers, find cleaner processes and improve the world, says Emil Byström CEO.

Xore from Skellefteå is breaking new ground abroad

Continuously analysing the ore and water mixture - the slurry - in a concentrator plant is important for process control – technology is coming from Skellefteå that is at the global cutting edge. The Xore company has been around for ten years and is beginning to be accepted by a somewhat conservative mining industry, which is discovering new opportunities in their technology.

"During the first half of the year, right in the midst of the corona pandemic, more quotation requests poured in than we have ever had," says Mikael Normark, CEO.

Energy comes from Skellefteå: "We aim to be world leaders"

When it comes to growth and development in the field of renewable energy, the world's eyes are all on the Skellefteå region.

Tens of billions of Swedish kronor are being invested in the region; while the rest of the world is in fear of recession, people here are talking about expansion.

"I'm absolutely convinced we can become the model that shows the world how to meet the challenges of climate, a renewable society and innovative growth," says Joachim Nordin, CEO of Skellefteå Kraft.

Supporting regional companies in efficient resource management

More and more companies find that sustainability is a business strategic tool that provides competitive advantages. Therefore, North Sweden Cleantech and Esam are now taking the next step to make the region even better in circular business development.

- Esam has very good expertise in this area and together we can support the companies to become more competitive and efficient in their resource utilization, says Peter Hedman, project manager North Sweden Cleantech.

The future's factories

How do you build a sustainable factory prepared for the challenges that the future will bring? What are the megatrends of tomorrow that will shape the factories that we build today? What are the main issues to be confronted and what does the world of manufacturing look like in the coming decades? These are some of the topics that will be presented during the seminar Future Sustainable Factories by some very exciting actors who are taking on the challenge of building the factories of the future!


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